Platform Services obsession is to keep up to date with the latest technological trends to deliver you state-of-the-art solutions, products and services.

Have a closer look at the technologies we use:

Back-end Development

We use Python and core PHP along with frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter, YII2, CakePHP. MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL are relational databases we mostly use but we can also use NoSql databases like MongoDB. Another possibility is a Redis data structure store.

Front-end Development

JavaScript in combination with HTML and CSS has revolutionized the way web and mobile applications are built and we are extremely adept at implementing the JS universe. We get help from frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue alongside libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap, D3, FancyTree, DataTables, Tabulator and many more.

Mobile Development

We build effective, fast and modern native and hybrid mobile software for Android, iOS and Windows Phone using technologies such as Ionic, React Native and Cordova. Support for Google Play Store and Apple App Store are included.

Branding, Web Design & UIX Consulting

Our designer experts create art with the help from Sketch, ProtoPie and Adobe Creative Cloud Apps: Adobe XD, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Cloud & DevOps

We help customers migrate to Cloud and provide on-going DevOps automation & 24/7 incident management services. Our devOps specialists use AWS, Azure, Docker, Jenkins and provide assistance with server maintenance, automatic and manual backups as well as server clusters.

QA / Testing

Our QA specialists will help you with any possible bugs and system instability with the use of manual and automated testing using Selenium.

Content Management System

With the use of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Shopify we deliver personalized and modern digital experience.

Project Management Tools

For management we mainly use platforms such as Jira, Trello and Clockify. Depending on the client's request, other management tools are also welcome.

Additional Services

SSO integration, Cloud Computing, Big data, Machine learning, Software consulting, IT strategy, GDPR compliance consulting and many more. If a specific service you might require is not in this list, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.