Web development

If you need to outsource development of your customized business application in order to allow your in-house development team to concentrate on your core business processes, or you would like to completely outsource your development process, you came to the right place.

Our highly qualified team of business analysts, PDMs, PMs, software, QA and system engineers will propose concepts based on your specifications, proceed with design and development, test the product and deploy your tailor-made application.

With the help of essential project information, we can advise our clients to select development with or without the use of a specific framework.

Mobile application development

We can offer complete mobile application development, Android and IOS, to complement your existing web application, or even the development of both mobile and web apps. We will also provide full support publishing mobile applications to the Google play store and Apple App Store.

Our experts will work alongside you from an idea to the final product. Designers, engineers, developers, QA… Everything you need for creating the perfect mobile app.

Maintenance is included with all of our products, with a complete development process and team(s) involved.


Beside web development and mobile web development, Platform Services also provides PaaS services whether as an underlying infrastructure for your development and operations teams to build applications or a platform on which Platform Services will develop and deploy your scalable business applications.

Utilizing our PaaS solution, your development and operations teams can focus on their core activities without the burden of maintaining in-house hardware and software infrastructure.

With PaaS you get a simple and cost-effective way for developing and deploying your business applications either in-house or by outsourcing your development. Our platform is easily scalable, affordable and reliable allowing you to build, customize and deploy your applications without the burden of maintaining the software.

Main benefits of developing business applications with our PaaS are:

  • Fast application development and deployment
  • Cost-effective application development utilizing existing framework
  • Add/develop additional connected modules/applications based on your exact needs


If your business requires SaaS products we can quickly deliver your custom business applications with our proprietary platform, using our existing SaaS framework. By client’s choice we can use any platform required.

Advantages of using Platform Services SaaS framework:

  • Built-in user authentication and security mechanisms
  • Permission/Role-Based User Management
  • Ready In-app Notification System
  • Ready Email Notification System
  • SSO Integration Capabilities
  • Antivirus File Check
  • Online Files Preview
  • Online Office Files Editor
  • Web Responsive and Mobile Ready Design

Compatibility of our existing SaaS framework with our platform allows us to provide quick, tailor-made and cost-effective solutions.

Product Maintenance

Someone said that software deployment (go live) is just the end of the beginning. There are always new ideas for additional features, improvements, dashboards, reports…

We can offer maintenance of your existing web applications / websites. If you are struggling with the maintenance and/or you need to add new features or improvements, we are here to help.

Get in touch, and our specialists will work with you in order to find the best possible solution for all your maintenance needs.

Quality Assurance

QA represents an integral part of every product development lifecycle and thus in our process as well. Our Quality Assurance service is fully available to all our clients.

Beside QA of our products, we can offer QA outsourcing services.

Utilizing QA engineers, manual testers and automated testing, we can reveal critical information about the functional and security bugs of your products.

Nobody likes bugs, so we give our 100% effort to remove them all.