How we do it

We can ensure high quality end product with the efficient management, development and quality assurance processes. We analyze metrics of every project on a daily basis ensuring that every project is delivered fully on time and within budget. Our managers are in constant communication with clients ensuring that you don’t miss anything relevant to your product.

For every project we carefully select teams of best specialists such as project/product managers, analysts, architects, developers, UX/UI experts, quality assurance engineers and DevOps specialists.

Every development project has a similar path, from an idea to the full deployment. It is an ongoing process and it contains multiple steps called software development cycle (SDCL).

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    Defining project scope includes resource allocation, project scheduling, cost estimation and procurement requirements. Good plan is crucial for finalizing a project and the Platform Services team will help you with any request or question.

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    Requirements / Feasibility analysis

    Understanding the project requirements through extensive communication with you – the client. Platform Services project managers will help you with all the questions and doubts you might have. We need to understand the issue at hand, final product users, use of data integration and all other specifics and details regarding your product.

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    Product design / Design and Prototyping

    Create the look and feel of the product with the help of Platform Services designers, UIX specialists, database experts and software engineers. Prototypes will be delivered as mockups and/or wireframes showing interactions.

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    Coding / Development

    Software is in development. Agile or Waterfall, Jira or Trello – it’s your choice. You will always have a clear view on the development process and a direct contact with the Platform Services PDM (product development manager), for all additional information and clarifications.

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    Implementation and Integration

    Putting it all together. Development phase includes a team of developers, system engineers, database engineers and others working together on various software features. Now we are putting it all together and building the initial software version.

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    Software Testing

    Testing is already in progress, parallel with the previous steps of development and implementation. After the implementation, the Platform Services QA team will perform final rounds of in-depth testing. No one likes buggy softwares, and we don’t deliver buggy software.

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    Deployment and Maintenance

    Deployment means – we go live to the production environment.

    Monitoring any new software will help you with any potential problem. We can also organize the training of your users, or arrange trainers to provide instructions for further training.