Project has and will have strong effects on clinical trial industry. Platform is great, and thanks to w3 team it is even better comparing to our initial plan. We were informed on regular basis on progress and possible problems/solutions. The whole team was included in resolving problems, giving us a range of possible solutions and improvements.

Clinical Trial Soft Lab Inc.

Project Manager from W3Industry was on the call with us for everything required for this project and did remarkable job handling all information and updating us as the project was developing. After the website went live in 2015 we have noticed a significant engagement from our customer client base.

Medical Clinic Jokovic

Many people contacted us to start learning languages and said they liked the site. Very effective. The information exchanges has been running smoothly. Whatever was agreed on was fullfilled on time to the dot.

Centar za strane jezike “Patuljak”

The whole team is very proactive and responsive. They seem to be very experienced, and guided me through entire process. They were able to provide all services I needed in relation to this project. The entire communication was done through their project manager. Work was done very fast.

Kloopko Crafts

After the website went live in 2016 we had a 40% increase in product sale. Our main request was constant communication while development was in the works. W3Industry provided us with regular updates with the whole team. Their dedication to project was most remarkable. The whole team made us feel like we are all part of a big family.

Minino planeri